Privacy Policy

SeconDOK fully supports the need to protect the personal information of users of the resource. Taking into account the fact that the patient's anonymity is one of our main values, we apply a number of policies and procedures that meet the strictest international rules. On this page you can find out what information our resources collect and how this information is used.

With the aim of better understanding their users SeconDOK collects information from computers, phones and other devices on which you install our services, or access them, or about these devices, depending on the rights granted to you. We can associate the information collected with your devices, from which we receive it. This helps us consistently provide Services on all devices. Here is some information about the devices that we collect:

SeconDOK will not use your information for any purpose other than providing you with the requested services, acting in accordance with the law.

We use this information to constantly improve our resource and better meet the needs of our visitors.

Privacy and safety for doctors

Section "Doctors" of SeconDOK is password protected and requires users to register and log into the system ("Login for the doctor"). These pages contain confidential medical information, individual identification information about registered doctors and allow registered users to perform certain operations, for example, to consult. For this SeconDOK needs to carry out identification and verification of doctors, which requires identification by providing diplomas, certificates and other documents confirming the right to provide consulting services. Thus, in the password-protected part of our resource, SeconDOK collects identification information about registered physicians.

Public information about the doctor is available to all users of SeconDOK. The information used during registration is protected from unauthorized access through several layers of security and monitoring.

Privacy and safety for patients

SeconDOK for patients does not require identification, so the doctor who conducts the consultation cannot know about the patient's identity if the patient did not open himself to the doctor.

Payment Details

Billing information that can contain information about a person is not available to the doctor and is protected by all means of payment system security.


We use cookies to help you navigate SeconDOK better. "Marker" is a small piece of information sent by the SeconDOK web server to save on your web browser. We use this information to know if you have received important messages about the functioning of the site. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can set your browser to abandon them or to warn you when they are sent.


Consultations of patients are carried out exclusively in the application and do not require e-mail when registering.

Access protection for patients

The SeconDOK users are responsible for monitoring access to the application from their mobile devices. The application is anonymous and does not contain information about the patient's identity, but the sessions contain information about the patient's anonymous consultation with the doctor, and access to the application is protected solely by means of smartphone protection.

How to contact us

To contact us you can use the support form in the application or on the website or write to us at the e-mail:

SeconDOK reserves the right to update the Privacy Policy. Please visit our page to see the possible changes.